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Mark Cuban hires Guy Mezger

Mark Cuban is actually serious about MMA!  The man has just hired UFC veteran Guy Mezger to run the daily operations of a new company that Cuban wants to start.  Due to HDNet’s high MMA broadcasts, Cuban has come to the conclusion that MMA is where he must invest next.

Now that Cuban has started with hiring Guy Mezger, he will continue to persue Fedor Emelianenko as his main plan.  He has talked to Fedor’s manager Reed Wallace, president of White Chocolate Management LLC (the company representing Fedor Emelianenko in theUnited States).

This is what Reed Wallace had to say about Mark Cuban:

Mr. Cuban has a strong interest in MMA…He is very serious about Fedor and is entering the MMA business with very serious partners. Mr. Cuban is widely known to treat his athletes with great respect and care, and there were discussions regarding health insurance and many other areas for supporting MMA athletes and their families.

Mark Cuban is known for taking care of his athletes and does so for his Dallas Mavericks players.  Now that he has future plans of hiring free agents in the field of MMA, we can imagine Cuban doing the same for those fighters that are hired under his upcoming company.

This is what Mark Cuban had to say about the UFC:

  I love the UFC…I think they do a good job on putting together spectacle-type events. I think, however, that they have focused on branding UFC rather than the fighters themselves. 

The UFC has succeeded worldwide for the past few years and is predicted to grow even further for as long as MMA exists.  There have been several companies around the world trying to compete with the UFC, but most organizations have either failed completely or they have simply struggled to reach the level of the UFC.
Should Zuffa worry about Mark Cuban?  Could Cuban bring along some new competition for the UFC?

We can only wait and see…we’d like to hear your thoughts.
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