UFC 75: Sugar Shane Mosley trains Rampage Jackson

Rampage Jackson is training hardcore this week as he is only a few days away from fighting Dan Henderson at UFC 75-Champion vs. Champion.  His wrestling has proven to be one of his most remarkable skills, specifically in his art of slamming.  However, he felt that training with one of the most talented boxers of today would help him secure that title.

Sugar Shane Mosley is the boxer he chose to train with and he has been very helpful according to Rampage.  Mosley has won world titles in 3 weight divisions and he is the only boxer to beat Oscar de la Hoya twice in boxing history.

Mosley’s background is quite impressive, so what better man than Sugar Shane Mosley to assist Rampage with a few skills for Saturday’s main event.

Hold up a sec guys…we really can’t underestimate Dan “Hollywood” Henderson as he is one hell of a boxer and wrestler as well…and if you don’t believe me, you can ask Wanderlei Silva as Henderson knocked his lights out for the 205-pound belt at Japan’s Pride-33 earlier this year.  He isn’t PrideFC’s champion for nothing, so we can only wait and see how these boxing techniques can help Rampage at UFC 75.

There will only be one winner at the end of the night…one winner, one belt.  The quest for the unification belt only at UFC 75-Champion vs. Champion, don’t miss this Saturday’s main event!



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