UFC 83: Referee Dan Miragliotta Submits Fan Via Rear-Naked Choke

(photo taken from mr. sunshine)

At the UFC 83: GSP vs. Serra event, UFC referee Dan Miragliotta seemed to have been at the right place and at the right time.  The 6’4", 296-pound ref, explains exactly what happened when the fan charged furiously toward the cage.  Miragliotta was really close to putting the fan to sleep when he slipped in a rear naked choke.

Here’s a snip from MMA ref Dan Miragliotta:

"The only thing, is that he wasn’t going after me he was
charging either GSP or the ring. I just happened to be in between him and his
targets. I was asked by the UFC to help with security when the 2 fighters
entered the ring area. They were more worried about Matt than GSP. Next thing
I know some wack job is jumping over the barriers and charging the ring. I
didn’t want to hurt the guy so I was just going to put him to sleep and then help
get him out of there before he hurt someone or himself."

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