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Zuffa Plans To Keep Strikeforce On Showtime, For Now

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker announced that the promotion plans to continue their partnership with Showtime for the time being.  Although Zuffa may have future plans of closing down Strikeforce operations and bring  their top fighters into the UFC, there’s no sign of that happening anytime soon.  In fact, Coker went on to talk about how good his relationship has been with Showtime, helping them boost their network ratings every time they put on an MMA event.  UFC fighters will remain in the UFC and Strikeforce fighters will continue to represent their banner as well, for now anyway…

From Scott Coker:

“Well, here’s the situation. I think you guys know this, as well. We have a great contract with Showtime. They’ve been a great television partner with us, since 2009, and that’s gonna continue. We feel really good about that relationship. We’ve had some amazing fights, amazing athletes and delivered some amazing ratings for that network, and they love it. They love MMA programming. When a network wants to support you, that’s a great thing. So, we’re gonna continue having the fighters that are fighting on Showtime, right now, continue fighting on Showtime, and the UFC is gonna continue running the fighters that they have in their league. For right now, it’s gonna stay independent, but you never can say never, but for right now, that’s how it’s gonna run…Right now, speaking to the near future, everything’s gonna stay put. Rockhold’s our champion. Gilbert Melendez is our champion. Nate Marquardt’s our champion. They’re gonna keep fighting on Showtime, and they’re gonna keep fighting for Strikeforce.”

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