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Renato Babalu Sobral is Rejected by EliteXC


Renato “Babalu” Sobral requested a contract to continue fighting with EliteXC since he was recently released by the UFC.  Babalu was basically fired due to a prolonged choke submission (anaconda choke) against David Heath on Saturday night at UFC 74-Respect (results and pics).

He was hoping to continue being active as he just wants to participate in what he loves the most, mixed martial arts.  The president of EliteXC, Gary Shaw, indicated that he had absolutely no interest in Babalu momentarily because he considered the prolonged choke as “egregious.”  Just like Dana White, Gary Shaw is interested in hiring Babalu toward the future but not right now. It seems like Babalu needs to take some time off for himself and recover from his poor actions.  Having him fight for any organization right now would just bring about a bad image for MMA in general.

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