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Nevada Enforces New Regulations for Mixed Martial Arts


According to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, there will be a meeting on October 24th to discuss the new regulations that will be enforced to all fighters.

Such regulations include the following:

1) Weight loss for a competitor 147 pounds or less changed from two pounds to no more than one at the time of weigh-in

2) Weight loss for a competitor over 147 pounds changed from three to no more than two pounds at the time of weigh-in

3) Weight loss completion from two hours to one hour after the initial weigh-in

4) If a referee halts a bout under the basis that both athletes are in a
condition that might subject them to harm, the decision will become a
technical draw (currently ruled a no contest)

5) Requirements of a fenced area from at least eight sides to six sides

6) The omission of all regulations pertaining to professional wrestling
and “elimination boxing” (widely recognized as “Toughman” competitions)

7) The addition of all drugs identified on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Prohibited List to the NSAC’s prohibited substance list

8) Revocation of license instituted for a licensee that fails or refuses
to inform the Commission of a serious injury incurred by a participant
in training of which the licensee has personal knowledge

9) The amendment of judge, referee, and timekeeper applications to
exclude recommendations, entrance examinations, or licensure from
another state

10) The omission of an officials’ grading system established and carried out by the Commission

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