Michael Bisping vs. Matt Hamill Rematch is Postponed

Michael Bisping agreed to fight Matt Hamill once again after seeing the people’s reaction to a bogus decision.  Many believe Hamill won without a doubt and felt that there was something crooked behind the win given to Bisping.

This fight will always be remembered as one of the most bizarre decisions ever in the history of the UFC.  Dana White wanted an immediate rematch after watching the fight and it was originally planned to be set for UFC 78.  However, Hamill tore his ACL which was believed to have occurred prior or during his match with Bisping.  Either way, the fight will definitely be postponed due to the injury.  Hamill is expected to return between 6-8 months or possible more.

This is what Bisping had to say:

“The rematch betwen Hamil and I was being planned for [Nov 17] in New
Jersey. Unfortuntely Hamil is unable to fight as he is having knee
surgery. I am dissapointed as I was really looking forward to fighting
him again. That said, myself having a torn posterier cruciate ligament
in each of my knees for my last 3 fights I can understand why he’s
having it.”

Bisping looks to probably face someone else until Hamill is 100% recovered from his knee.  We hope to see one of the rematch to settle this once and for all later on mid-2008 if things go as planned.

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