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Mark Cuban wants to negotiate with Fedor Emelianenko


Mark Cuban recently admitted that MMA does indeed look to be the fastest growing sport in America.  Surprisingly, he wants to negotiate something with the #1 Heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko as he feels that this is the right time to invest with mixed martial arts.

This is what Mark Cuban had to say about MMA and he plans on doing with Fedor if he can negotiate something with his managers (thanks to

 I plan on making a significant investment in MMA with the goal of promoting it as a professional sport with professional athletes…There is no reason that a fighter in an undercard match should be treated any differently than how I treat our players on the Mavs…We would work with his promoters to place him in fights from affiliated promoters or in fights we promote ourselves…It’s the highest rated sports programming by far…Our MMA programming on HDNet beats networks that have five times or more the carriage that we do. So it’s been a big winner for us and we expect it to get even better. 

Now that we have an NBA owner willing to invest on MMA, we can finally say that our sport is being recognized on all levels and we can only excel even further now.  This is really looking great and I can’t wait to see what could be next…

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