Fedor Emelianenko talks are NOT good


The #1 Heavyweight MMA fighter of the world, Fedor Emelianenko (along with his management), talked with Dana White and the UFC last Thursday.  There was absolutely no agreement and his future in the UFC does not look good at all.

Dana White recently talked with the media and the topic on Fedor was brought up.  Dana seemed pretty upset and weary about the entire discussion on Fedor as he pretty much brushes he topic away.

Here’s exactly what was said in a recent interview between Dana and You confirmed during the UFC 75 conference call that you would be meeting with Fedor on Thursday. How did that meeting go?

Dana White: It didn’t go well.

Can you elaborate a little bit?

Dana White:
I don’t like to talk about contract negotiations with the public, but it didn’t go well. These guys are crazy.

Fedor is still up for grabs if there’s an organization out there willing to pay at his standards.  It could be the money or could be other issues, but we really don’t know the exact reasons as to why there is so much difficulty with Fedor’s signing since Dana prefers to keep his contract negotiations private.

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