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Alex Polizzi Reveals Yeol Romero Broke His Jaw at Bellator 280

Alex Polizzi revealed on social media that he suffered not only a defeat at Bellator 280, but also a broken jaw and foot. The post seems to indicate a lengthy recovery for Polizzi, who shared these images:

Polizzi met Romero at Bellator 280, which took place in Paris, on May 6th, 2022. The fight was one sided, as the former middle-weight UFC title challenger Romero, imposed his will and secured a win in the third round, with seconds to spare. The official end of the match time was 4:59 in Round 3. Following a series of rapid strikes to the head, Polizzi was knocked to the mat where Romero continued his attack. Hanging on for dear life, Polizzi sprung to his feet but was met with a vicious right cross to his jaw, which staggered him enough for the ref to call it.

Polizzi fell to 10-2 as a professional, after his bout with the Cuban born, Olympic bronze medalist, and fan favorite.

The X-ray Polizzi shared seems to show the bottom half of his jaw almost cracked in two, so hopefully he has a speedy recovery.

You can check out more highlights from Bellator’s return to Paris, France below.
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