UFN 14: James Irvin Tests Positive For Painkillers (Oxymorphone and Methadone)

James "The Sandman" Irvin fought the unstoppable Anderson "The Spider" Silva at UFC Fight Night 14 on July 19th at the Pearl, in Nevada.  Not only did he lose to Silva via KO-punches in the first round, but the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) released some more bad news for the native from Huntington Beach, California. 

The NSAC released several results after a urinalysis test that was conducted by all fighters that participated in the UFC Fight Night 14 event.  Although every fighter tested negative for steroids, James Irvin stood out for testing positive for Oxymorphone and Methadone.  Irvin was recuperating from a broken foot prior to his fight with Anderson Silva.  After dropping out of his last fight against Rashad Evans for UFC 85: Bedlam, it is believed that he was using these painkillers so that he wouldn’t cancel another fight. 

Irvin had a back to back streak going, defeating Luis Cane by disqualification at UFC 79: Nemesis and then knocking out Houston Alexander at UFC Fight Night 13 in just 8 seconds.  The NSAC will most likely be giving Irvin both suspension time and a fine.  The Sandman has a few weeks appeal the results…We’ll keep you guys posted.

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