UFN 13: Karo Parisyan Talks On Thiago Alves And His Future

Karo "The Heat" Parisyan feels that he deserves a title shot once he gets past Thiago "Pitbull" Alves who has won his last 4 fights in a row.  Although Karo respects Thiago’s stand-up skills, he still feels that the match-up will go his way. 

Here’s how Karo describes his outcome against the Pitbull:

“I think that it’s a pretty good match against him because
it’s a classic match up of a grappler against a striker and I’ve always had a
lot of success with strikers. Thiago is more of a…he knows how to grapple, he’s
got decent takedown defense but I think his big game is Muay Thai and a lot of
leg kicks so just cut the distance and take him down, and ground and pound him
and catch a submission on him.”

Regarding his UFC future:

“I definitely deserve a title shot, it’s a chance that I
might get it but at the same time I think I deserve it because, I mean, I got
injured two years ago when I was supposed to fight Matt Hughes and I tore my
hamstring. I came back, and I had to work my way up again, I couldn’t just come
back and fight for the title like a lot of these guys are doing, like Matt
Serra and Georges St. Pierre and all these guys. So I think I deserve a title
shot if everything goes well, you know?”

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