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France Legalizes Mixed Martial Arts

France has banned mixed martial arts for several years, but they have recently announced that it would finally be legal to practice and make MMA events within their country.  However, there will be several rules that fighters must follow.   

These are the mixed martial arts rules France will be using :

  • No kicks to the body, head or face can be used when fighters are on the
  • No knees to the head or face can be used when fighters are on the ground, but knees to the body are permitted
  • No elbows are allowed whatsoever
  • Only a ring will be used during events and absolutely no cage is permitted.

There is no doubt in our minds that MMA is growing extremely fast on a worldwide level.  Although many rules are used in many of these countries, it is only for the protection of their fighters.  Due to the legalizing of this sport in France, it will help gain further popularity to neighboring countries and most likely increase MMA competition toward the future.

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