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Karo Parisyan Makes Octagon Return Against Dennis Hallman At UFC 123, Explains Painkiller Incident

The Armenian welterweight fighter Karo ‘The Heat” Parisyan tested positive for banned painkillers hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and oxymorphone after his controversial split decision victory over Kim Dong-hyun at UFC 94.  The Judo expert was later suspended by the NSAC for nine months and his win was changed to a “no contest”.  The UFC then scheduled Parisyan for a fight against Dustin Hazelett at UFC 106, but he pulled out one day before the weigh-ins.  He was immediately released by the UFC for his “laundry list of excuses” as explained by President Dana White.

Parisyan and White seem to have made up for his past actions as he officially returns to the UFC to face Dennis Hallman at UFC 123.

From Karo Parisyan:

“Somehow I knew I’d get back in, at least I hoped I would. What Dana said was in the heat of the moment. He felt we were friends and that I’d backstabbed him. Thank God he changed his mind. He told me to get a fight under my belt. He told me to get my life back on track and that’s what I did. My issues had to do with my anxiety problems and panic attacks. Painkillers were thrown out there, but that wasn’t it. People made these accusations because I’d been popped for medication (months before). I’d taken two pain pills the morning of my fight for a torn hamstring and didn’t think much of it. Every fighter I know takes pain medication like it’s M&Ms. I was the unlucky one who only took it the day of the fight without even thinking about it. I think the UFC knows I still have something I can accomplish in the cage. They know that I can become a contender again and I will.”

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