UFC’s Jason MacDonald Talks UFC 91: “Randy Brought In A Huge 300-pound Wrestler” To Train With

So how is Randy "The Natural" Couture exactly training for the former WWE heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar?  You know, that 265-pound muscular monster with tremendous wrestling skills…

According to a recent interview with UFC middleweight contender Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald, Randy seems to be training hardcore as he prepares for one of the biggest fights of his mixed martial arts career.  When asked for his prediction on the UFC 91 main event, this is what The Athlete had to say:

"A lot of people have been asking me about my prediction between Brock
Lesnar and Randy Couture. While you’ll have to wait a week for that, I
heard through the grapevine that Randy brought in a huge, 300-pound
wrestler guy to help him prepare at this training camp in Vegas. So it
sounds like he’ll be ready for Brock’s size."

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