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Jason MacDonald Undergoes Successful Surgery After Breaking His Leg Against John Salter At UFC 113

Jason ‘The Athlete’ MacDonald was forced to undergo surgery after breaking his leg against John Salter in their first round at UFC 113.  MacDonald apparently had three different breaks which led to having four plates and twelve screws inserted into his leg.  Despite his devastating TKO loss due to injury, matchmaker Joe Silva told ‘The Athlete’ that he would be looking for another opportunity to fight in the UFC.

From Jason MacDonald:

“I had three bad breaks — two on the joint of the fibula, the other was the tibia which was snapped clean off. The doctor explained to me the surgery took much longer than anticipated because he was having trouble keeping the ankle in the proper position because everything was so damaged. I ended up with 12 screws, four steel plates, which are permanent, and two bigger screws that are holding the ligament in place, which will hopefully be removed in three months…I spoke with Joe Silva that night and he relayed to me it was a freak accident and when it heals I would be given the opportunity to do it again. That makes me feel good. Now I just have to recover. The UFC has called me everyday since to touch base and see how I’m doing. It just goes to show they really do care about the fighters…I’ve been in so many fights and never got hurt that I suppose it was bound to happen. You play with fire, you’re bound to get burned. But I don’t regret taking the fight. It could have happened any time. It could have happened in my next fight. It could have happened in my previous fight. And if I end up having to retire because of this, at least it’s where I would have wanted it to be. Going out while with the UFC.”

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