UFC Picture: Chuck Liddell Hamstring Injury, Dana White Responds

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Chuck "Iceman" Liddell wanted to fight even with the hamstring injury he suffered during a training session not too long ago.  It seems like the injury will have him out approximately 4-6 weeks, which really isn’t as bad as many of us have thought.

Here’s a snip from the Iceman:

"I hyperextended it…I probably didn’t warm up enough, or it was a freak injury…I think I can fight by August."

Dana White’s response:

"Unfortunately, Chuck Liddell tore his right hamstring during training
last week, and being the warrior that he is, he still wanted to fight,
which is the reason why everyone in the world loves him…but I wouldn’t let anyone fight with his leg
looking that way. Let him heal and come back and fight when he is 100

Liddell should be coming back really soon and when he’s 100% recovered, Dana White will have to make a decision on who his next opponent will be.  The original fight was supposed to be between Liddell and Shogun.  Shogun is recuperating as we speak, so there may be possibilities of an actual bout between these light heavyweights.  It all just depends on how quickly both of these fighters can get back into shape once again.  We’ll just have to patiently wait until that time comes.

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