Din Thomas Plans On Moving Down To 145 Pounds

Din Thomas is thinking of a possible drop in weight class after recently losing to Josh Neer at the UFC Fight Night 13 event. 

Thomas has now lost 2 fights in a row and he still feels that he is one of the best UFC fighters in the lightweight division.  Either way, Thomas wants to try out something different as he is now considering dropping from 155 lbs to 145 lbs.

Here’s a snip from the Florida native as he talks about his previous fight with Josh Neer:

“For me, I try to be realistic about a fight…While I felt that it was close, I actually felt I was losing the fight.
I was pretty comfortable on the bottom. My game has always been to look
for the submission from the bottom and if they give me enough space,
get up. But if they don’t give me enough space, I can stay on my back
all day and hope to catch something…Truth is that I was in pretty good shape for the fight…Fatigue wasn’t the biggest factor for me in the fight. I was in a war.
After checking so many leg kicks, the impact of them did a number on me
to where I couldn’t stand up. Most fights you don’t feel the pain until
after the fight is over. This is one fight I can honestly say that I
physically felt pain and affected me. Josh fought a good fight. No big
deal. The earth still spins and I’ll move on"

Regarding his future plans of moving down to 145:

“The UFC’s lightweight division is the most complex division in the world…There’s like four different roads to a title shot going on right now
and within any of the roads, no one can afford to lose. While I know I
can win against any lightweight in the world on a given day, I fell
twice in a row. Therefore, I’m going to bow out. Good luck to those
guys. I’m going to drop down to 145 lbs and see if those guys down
there will embrace me.”

He’ll be a great fighter no matter what division he decides to pursue.  His MMA record stands at an impressive 22-8-0 record and he is only 31 years old.  There’s still a lot out there for him to accomplish, so we’d like to wish Din Thomas the best of luck on his future decisions.

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