TUF 7 Finale: Fighter Salaries And Payouts

The UFC has released the fighter payouts for The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale event.  The UFC fighters that participated this past Saturday provided tons of entertainment once again.  Diego Sanchez topped everyone that night with a check that totaled $70,000 USD ($35K for showing up, an extra $35K for winning). 

Here are the rest of the fighter salaries:

  • Kendall Grove defeated Evan Tanner:  (Grove acquired $32,000 USD, Tanner was given $25,000 USD)
  • Amir Sadollah defeated CB Dollaway  (Amir Sadollah acquired $16,000 USD, Dollaway was given $8,000 USD)
  • Diego Sanchez defeated Luigi Fioravanti  (Diego Sanchez acquired $70,000 USD, Fioravanti was given $10,000 USD)
  • Spencer Fisher defeated Jeremy Stephens  (Spencer Fisher acquired $36,000 USD, Stephens was given $8,000 USD)
  • Matt Riddle defeated Dante Rivera  (Matt Riddle acquired $16,000 USD, Rivera was given $8,000 USD)
  • Dustin Hazelett defeated Josh Burkman  (Hazelett acquired $24,000 USD, Burkman was given $10,000 USD)
  • Drew McFedries defeated Marvin Eastman  (McFedries acquired $26,000 USD, Eastman was given $9,000 USD)
  • Matt Brown defeated Matt Arroyo  (Brown acquired $16,000 USD, Arroyo was given $8,000 USD)
  • Dean Lister defeated Jeremy Horn  (Lister acquired $28,000 USD, Horn was given $25,000 USD)
  • Rob Kimmons defeated Rob Yundt  (Kimmons acquired $6,000 USD, Yundt was given $5,000 USD)


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