UFC Middleweight Fighter Ivan Salaverry Retires

UFC’s middleweight veteran fighter, Ivan Salaverry, has announced that he will be retiring from mixed martial arts.  The 185-pound from Toronto, Canada will end his career with a record of 12 wins and 6 losses. 

He’ll be remembered by many, paving the path for future MMA fighters to come.  For those that don’t know, Salaverry was the pioneer of the crucifix-style position from side control.  Many even call that move "The Salaverry." 

His most notabale wins were against former UFC figters Tony Fryklund at UFC 50 and Joe "Diesel" Riggs at UFC 52.  After losing his last 2 bouts against Terry Martin at UFC 71 and then to Rousimar Palhares at UFC 84, he started to sense a little fatigued from the sport.  He admitted that he felt older and that he wants to focus on the gym he opened up.  There seems to be other plans for UFC vet and fighting is just not one of them.  Here’s a snip from Salaverry himself:

"I had a very nice career. I’ve talked it over with my wife and family,
and the priorities are really going into the school, teaching, maybe
some promotions, creating a fight team. Things of that nature.  Basically, I am just not prioritizing fighting anymore…Even
though I love fighting and I had a great run and I enjoyed it, I’ve
transitioned to other things. There are quite a few variables as to why I
stepped away and not just one. I’m older now; I’m 37 and not 27. I also have
some injuries that are just not recovering, too. And within that scope, I have
my school and my two kids. Fighting is not just a priority anymore."

For more information on Ivan Salaverry, check out his official website here

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