TUF 6 Finale: $90K in Bonuses; Jon Koppenhaver uses bonus money to pay legal expenses

The UFC announced that there was a total of $90,000 USD that was given in bonuses to some fighters at The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale.  Just as in the regular UFC events, there was money awarded to fighters who were able to acquire the best "Knockout of the Night", "Submission of the night" and "Fight of the Night."  Although the bonuses weren’t as high as regular UFC events, there was still $15,000 USD given to each of winners.

Surprisingly the "Fight of the Night" was given to 2 fights, which meant that awards were given to all 4 fighters in that category.  That award was given to bouts between Roger Huerta vs. Clay Guida and Jon Koppenhaver vs. Jared Rollins.

"Submission of the Night" went to Matt Arroyo who was able to submit John Kolosci with a fantastic armbar in the first round.  Arroyo adds another win to his record, making him 3-1-0.

The winner of the "Knockout of the Night" went to Jon Koppenhaver, declaring him the winner of 2 different categories.  This helped him win an extra $30,000 USD aside from the salary (TUF 6 Finale: Fighter Salaries and Ratings) he earned to fight that night, which was $8,000 USD to fight and $8,000 USD for the win ($16,000 USD).  In total, Koppenhaver went home with $46,000 USD.  Unfortunately, he will most likely be using this money on an attorney as he is currently facing charges for choking a man unconscious and then hitting him in the face in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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