Shogun and Ninja Rua leave Chute Boxe Academy to reunite with Wanderlei Silva

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and his brother Murilo "Ninja" Rua have left their long-time training camp-Chute Boxe Academy.  They left in order to be able to train in a more consistent manner now that they are living in the United States. 

Unfortunately, Shogun recently lost in his UFC debut against Forrest Griffin, Shogun’s first defeat in five fights.  The supposed #2 light heavyweight mixed martial artist lost via a rear naked choke in the third round, but he will look to train intensely to overcome that loss and join the UFC light heavyweight competition. 

It seems like Shogun and his brother Ninja have chosen to reunite with their good old Brazilian buddy and former PrideFC light heavyweight champion Wanderlei Silva in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Ninja had been going on a pretty good 3-fight winning streak, which helped him acquire the EliteXC middleweight title as he beat Joey Villasenor by way of TKO-strikes in the second round.  He then tried to defend his title when he faced Robbie Lawler, but lost his belt as he was defeated by TKO-strikes in the third round.  He was able to bounce back earlier this month by beating Xavier Foupa-Pokam by a rear naked choke submission at the Cage Rage 24-Feel the Pain event.

Here’s a snip from Rudimar Fedrigo, one of the Chute Boxe Academy organizers:

“The doors of Chute Boxe shall always be open to them, and we wish them good luck."

The Rua brothers will look to come back stronger and better than ever as they look to train hardcore for their upcoming matches.  Former Chute Boxe fighters have officially reunited in hopes of bringing back that powerful MMA team they once had.  We’ll just have to see if they can prove to be the better contenders.

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