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Stikeforce: “Four Men Enter, One Man Survives” Payouts

  • Cung Le ($50,000 USD) defeated Sam Morgan ($10,000 USD) via TKO-strikes
  • Alistair Overeem ($30,000 USD) defeated Paul Buentello ($20,000 USD) via submission-strikes
  • Chris Drumm ($1,000 USD) vs. Evan Esguerra ($1,000 USD) – no contest (Drumm was punched in the back of Drumm’s the head)
  • Dennis Hallman ($10,000 USD) defeated Jeremiah Metcalf ($5,000 USD) via submission-heel hook
  • Alex Crispin ($4,500 USD) defeated Clint Coronel ($3,000 USD)via a unanimous decision
  • Anthony Figueroa ($4,000 USD) defeated Pete Sabala ($1,000 USD) via a split decision
  • Eric Lawson ($5,000 USD) defeated Josh Neal ($1,500 USD) via submission-rear naked choke
  • Jorge Santiago ($15,000 USD-same in both fights) defeated Sean Salmon ($5,000 USD) via KO-flying knee
  • Trevor Prangley ($30,000 USD-same in both fights) defeated Falaniko Vitale ($20,000 USD)via referee decision (the
    referee was forced to decide the winner after Prangley accidentally
    poked Vitale in the eye)
  • Luke Stewart ($10,000 USD) defeated Bryson Kamaka ($1,500 USD) via KO-knee
  • Anthony Ruiz ($3,500 USD) defeated Bobby Southworth ($10,000 USD) via a TKO-cut
  • Lemont Davis ($3,000 USD) defeated Brian Schwartz ($30,000 USD) via a unanimous decision
  • Jorge Santiago ($15,000 USD) defeated Trevor Prangley ($30,000 USD-same in both fights) via TKO-knee

In addition to their payouts, some fighters received winning bonuses:

  • Luke Stewart received $5,000 USD
  • Dennis Hallman received $5,000 USD
  • Alex Crispin received $1,500 USD
  • Anthony Figueroa received $1,000 USD
  • Lemont Davis received $500 USD
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