Roy Jones Jr. talks UFC: “Rampage is probably my favorite right now”

The former IBF, IBO, IBA, WBF, WBA and WBC light heavyweight boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. was asked a few questions regarding his career and what he thought about mixed martial arts.  Roy has great respect for the MMA sport and he admires the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization.  He seems to like what the UFC has brought to the sport of fighting. 

Here’s what Roy had to say during a recent interview:

MF: Yes, and the UFC now challenges boxing
for pay-per-view buys, revenue, and fans. How do you feel about the mixed
martial arts movement?

Jones Jr.: I think it’s wonderful. I’m a
big fan. I watch a lot of it. I never really thought about getting in the cage,
but I do love it. I love anybody that fights. That’s just what I am. I’m a
fighter and I love anybody that has the heart to go in there and face somebody
one on one and fight. You got to love that, you know?

MF: Absolutely. Who’s your favorite fighter
right now?

Jones Jr.: Rampage is probably my favorite
right now.

MF: Do you ever train with those guys?

Jones Jr.: Nah, but I like ‘em.

MF: You carried the title for a while, but
who’s the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world right now?

Jones Jr.: Floyd Mayweather.

MF: No question?

Jones Jr.: Nope.

Props to Men’s Fitness Magazine for the interview.  For the full interview, click here

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