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Patrick Cote: Thales Leites “Looked Very Scared and Nervous” Against Anderson Silva At UFC 97


Patrick Cote was very disappointed with the UFC 97 main event between Anderson Silva and Thales Leites.  Although Silva clearly won all three rounds, Cote thought the fight itself was pretty “boring” overall.   Cote remembers UFC 90 as if it were yesterday and it upsets him to remember that he could not continue fighting Silva due to a knee injury he suffered in very beginning of the first round.  Cote can only hope to have a second chance at the UFC middleweight title against Silva some time down the road.

Snip from Patrick Cote (props to

“[The UFC 97 main event fight was] boring!  At least I tried to engage with [Anderson] Silva…Fu&%, I’m actually a little pissed.  I like Thales [Leites] and all but that (UFC 97 main event fight) ws awful.  He looked very scared and nervous in there.  I wasn’t scared at all.  I want Silva back!”



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