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New Fedor Emelianenko Interview!


For everyone who has been dying to know what the #1 Heavyweight Champion of the world is doing these days, here is a recent (September 26th) interview with Fedor Emelianenko (props to

Q: How is your training going, and how did you spend the two month after your visited Saint Petersburg?

A: The training is as usual, there is a lot of boxing, a lot of
wrestling. Last two month I spent in Staryi Oskol (Fyodor’s hometown),
we held a training camp there. Most Red Devil team members were there
as well.

Q: Were you able to get some rest?

A: Well, I did not have a vacation or anything like that. I did not
travel anywhere. I thought there was a possibility that I will fight in
September, but in the middle of the camp Vadim (Fyodor’s manager) told
me that there wouldn’t be a fight. I decided to keep training at the
same pace; I was helping other team members, in order to prepare them
for the upcoming tournaments.

Q: What is the status of your contract? How are you negotiations with UFC going, what are their demands?

A: I think that Vadim is in a better position to answer these
questions. As a far as I know, the contract is still being discussed.
There are points that we don’t accept, and there are points that they
don’t like. We are working out a compromise.

Q: Did you see CroCop’s and Nogueira’s debut in the UFC?

A: I saw CroCop’s fight, but not Nogueira’s fight. What can I say…
As far as I know, Nogueira won, and Crocop lost… I think that CroCop’s
got tired psychologically, and this is the source of his troubles.

Q: Do you want to fight in the UFC, and who would you like to fight there?

A: As far as I know, they give me Randy Couture, so there is talk
about a match against this fighter. I respect Randy very much. Of
course, to be honest, I would not want to fight him because I really
admire this fighter, and we could have become friends. Oh well, a fight
is a fight, and if they put us against each other, . As far as fighting
in the UFC goes, I think I’ll have to fight him, I won’t have a lot of
problems as far as cage is concerned.

Q: Please tell us about your meeting with President Putin.

A: It was a warm meeting. Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) listened to
our plans to build Fyodor Emelianenko’s sports academy in Belgorod. We
plan to have various combat sports there: judo, sambo, kickboxing, thai
boxing, boxing, etc. He was very interested. As I it was a very warm,
friendly meeting.

Q: Do you plan to visit such countries as Sweden, Netherlands, Germany?

A: Tomorrow I am leaving for Netherlands. I’ll meet with Vadim there
and we will meet with various companies regarding various merchandising
contracts. I also plan to find time to spend 2-3 weeks in Netherlands
improving my kicks. After my birthday I plan to visit with Povetkin
(Russian Olympic champ in boxing), and train with him. He offered, and
I would like to train with him.

Q: Do you plan to visit Korea?

A: Yes, of course, I would like to visit Korea. I always get a very
warm reception there from the Korean fans. I don’t know when exactly it
will happen, because my schedule is pretty busy in the near future. I
have to give several seminars, then in the beginning of November
there’ll be the training camp with the Russian Sambo team to prepare
for the Combat Sambo World Championships, then the World Championships,
then I have another seminar coming up… Then I will have to get ready to
my future (MMA) fights.

Q: Ring vs Cage: what do you think suits you better, and where do you train?

A: During the most recent camp I trained without neither ring nor
cage. In general, I train in both. I think that one should simply feel
what’s behind you, be it ropes or the cage, and act accordingly. It is
possible to avoid contact with the cage altogether if you are moving

Q: Which organization do you think was more interesting for the spectators?

A: For the spectators I think PRIDE was more interesting as far as
the production values and the roster. Now, UFC signed many fighters,
and, of course, it has a much better roster. But, as far as production
values are concerned, PRIDE was better on that regard.

Q: Will you participate in the Combat Sambo World Championships in November?

A: Yes, I will. At least I would really like to. I want to be there,
I was selected for the Russian team, and I want to represent Russia. I
earned my spot on the team, and I want to represent Russia in the World

Q: How do you manage to motivate yourself and give 100% everyday during your training?

A: I like what I do, so this is my motivation. Well, of course, I
don’t give 100% every single day, there are ups and downs, but in
general, I really like it.

Q: Thank you Fyodor. Would you like to say something to your fans?

A: I am really grateful for my fans. Thank you for your support. I
am often asked whether “Do you feel our support, that we are holding
our fingers crossed for you?”. My answer is “Yes, I do”. I am training
hard, and I will try to bring you joy with my victories.

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