Interview with UFC Fighter Marcus Davis

Marcus “Irish Hand Grenade” Davis recently won in a very up-tempo bout against Paul Taylor at UFC 75- Champion vs. Champion.  Davis looked as if he was knocked out at one point and then he somehow turned the fight around when he submitted Taylor via an armbar with tremendous quickness.

It was a terrific performance by the Irish Hand Grenade and here is an exclusive interview with the man himself:

At UFC 75 you won “Fight of the Night” and “Submission of the Night”.
At such an important event, with many great fights, how does it feel to
receive an honor like that?
Marcus Davis: Feels great- shows I have come to be an exciting and more complete fighter.

Q: You’ve improved vastly following your “The Ultimate Fighter” losses to Stevenson and Guillard.  What’s caused the improvement?
MD: Identifying my weaknesses and then working with 2 great camps – Sit Yod Tong and Team Gurgel.

: Do you think you would be able to beat Stevenson and Guillard now?
I would beat Guillard in 1 round. Joe Stevenson is still another story.
I wouldn’t be as easily taken down and my ground is actually a strength
now but not like Joe’s. If we stand I will if he keeps me on the ground
Joe wins it.

: You
were a relatively successful boxer in the New England Circuit with only
one loss. What made you want to become anMMA fighter?

MD: Bored. Just bored of politics and boxing in general. I was watching MMA and knew that this was the sport for me.

I’ve heard that you have considered retirement a few times. However,
you always seem to bounce back in a big way. Now you obviously have a
bright future in front of you, but being 34, how many more years do you
think you have as a fighter?
MD: I’m hoping 2 more years as long as my body holds up.

: What advice would you give a young fighter who hasn’t made it yet?
Work on the things you don’t like to work on the most. I identify your
strengths and weaknesses find a school/team that complements both your
strengths and weaknesses.

: You haven’t lost since 2005. Being on the run that you are, do you feel like you should be in line for a title shot soon?
MD: Not really. I think there are more deserving guys in the top 10 like Jon Fitch, Karo, St. Pierre.

Q: Also, whom would you like to fight next?
MD: Gomi is my dream fight but for right now Jess Liaudin had mentioned he would fight me so lets do it in England January 2008.

Q: Do you think that being on The Ultimate Fighter helped you get to where you are today?
MD: Yes. It opens doors for me to train with the best and get to where I am today.

Q: How do you feel you match up with current Welterweight champion Matt Serra?
I like Matt a lot. I think I match up rather well. My stand up is a lot
better and I am a 195lbs guy who fights at 170 so I’m guessing I would
be stronger and I am now difficult to take down. I haven’t been taken
down in a fight since the finale of the ultimate fighter.

: Speaking of Serra, any predictions for the Welterweight championship bout between Hughes and Serra?
MD: Very tough fight for Matt Serra but this is an MMA fight so anything can happen. If I had to bet I would say Matt will win.

Q: Where would you rank yourself in your division?
MD: I think I’m in the top 20 maybe 15.

: What has been your toughest fight thus far?
MD: Paul Taylor

Fans are beginning to jump on the Marcus Davis bandwagon. I’ve heard
people say that you have a better stand-up then Georges St. Pierre,
I’ve heard people say that you have the best stand-up in your division,
and I’ve heard people say that they think you can beat the top guys in
your division (GSP, Hughes, Serra). How much does it help to know that
you are becoming more and more popular among the MMA community?
It’s great to get some respect. I really was a horrible MMA fighter
when I was on the show but I go all over and grapple, kick box and
wrestle big named guys and no one dominates me anymore. It’s a good

Q: More and
more fighters are getting caught with steroids lately. Why do fighters
take them if they know they’ll probably get caught?
Great question. I’ve been tested every time I have ever fought in the
UFC except once and I don’t know how anyone would risk it. I will say
that if they did this in any other sport you would see 10 more times
people getting caught then you do in MMA.

Q: All the shirts on your site are out of stock! (I really want one!) When are you getting more in?
We sold 600 pieces and we are looking at getting more done- BUT- my new
Team Irish MMA line is SICK and we are moving- hoodies- flexfit hats-
beanies long and short sleeve shirts like crazy.

: Would you like to thank any sponsors?
MD: Full contact fighter all the way they have been with me my whole UFC career and treated me better then I could have imagined.

Q: Anything to say to your fans?
Thank you so much for believing me and supporting me throughout the
tough times- I try to perform in exciting fashion for you and that’s
why I finish fights.

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