UFC 76: Kazuhiro Nakamura Appeals Drug Test Results


Kazuhiro Nakamura was recently tested positive for marijuana in a drug test conducted after the fights at UFC 76-Respect.  Not only does his management (J-Rock) disagree with presence of marijuana in his system, but they feel that other medical  test results were wrong as well.

Nakamura was given a CT scan in California, where the doctors at the hosipital indicated some sort of bleeding within the brain.  However, when Nakamura flew back to Japan to treat the bleeding, his doctors in Japan found out that there was absolutely no bleeding in his brain.  Hence, they felt that the medical testing provided by the CSAC was a mistake.  J-ROCK believes that his suspension must be appealed as soon as possible.

For those that don’t know, using marijuana in Japan is a huge offense as it is considered an insult within their cultural standards.  When Nakamura was asked about the marijuana issue, he immediately denied such use.  J-ROCK is in the process of appealing the drug test as they feel that the results were absolutely wrong and would like a re-examination.

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