Michael Bisping: ‘Tito Ortiz Didn’t Have the Balls’

Michael Bisping will be looking to take on Rashad Evans at UFC 78-Validation.  Rashad had been waiting to hear from Tito Ortiz on whether or not he was going to accept their rematch.  After Ortiz explained that he was not looking to fight anyone at this point due to some personal issues and a few bills he has to pay for, Bisping stepped up and had a few words for Ortiz:

“It’s a great fight for me and someone had to step up and take on
Rashad seeing as Tito Ortiz didn’t have the balls to face him again.
Rashad’s the toughest opponent of my career and seems to get better and
better with each fight.”

So Bisping continues to talk smack even with the entire Bisping/Hamill scandal.  I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think anyone here has the right to say anything.  These guys need to fight and keep their mouths shut because they keep on talking the talk and nobody is walking the walk.

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