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Kimbo Slice Prepared For Matt Mitrione: “If He Wants To Stand and Bang, That’s My World”

Kimbo Slice talks about his intense training and preparation for his fight against Matt Mitrione at UFC 113.  Kimbo mentions how he is ready to take the bout just about anywhere, whether it be on the ground or standing up.    He warns Mitrione that if he decides to fight on their feet, he’ll be entering the world of Kimbo.

From Kimbo Slice:

“The preparation for every fight is the same, it’s intense. I peak to the highest level of my performance a week before the fight. I’m ready for it. I hope [Mitrione’s] biggest strength would be his ground game because if he wants to stand and bang, that’s my world. If I see a submission and he slips — I’ll grip. I don’t predict the fights but I’m not getting knocked out, I’ll tell you that.”

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