Heath ‘Texas Crazy Horse’ Herring will return early 2008


The former PrideFC Heavyweight, Heath Herring, made his debut against Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira at UFC 73-Stacked (results and pics).  It was there where he made his second appearance ever in the UFC.

Unfortunately, his last fight did not end up like his first as he was defeated due to a unanimous decision.  Herring had a good chance of winning when a high left kick landed on Nogueira’s chin.  Herring then followed up with hammer fists and solid punches right onto Nogueira’s face, but that wasn’t enough to put him away.  When it seemed like the fight was over, the bell rang for the end of the first round.  Herring lost a bout where many say he should have won, but Nogueira managed to win the following 2 rounds and then took home his first UFC win.

The Texas Crazy horse has decided to take some time off from the cage and plans to return early 2008.  His trainer Dean Albrecht says that Herring will not fight in the octagon for a few months.  However, he will continue to train and prepare himself for a fresh start possibly by UFC 80 or UFC 81.

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