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Gilbert Melendez: No Hurry to Fight in the UFC, But Ready for Strikeforce in November

Gilbert “El Nino” Melendez is currently the Lightweight Champion at Strikeforce and can probably be one of the most dangerous fighters in the world at this level.  He is only 25 years old and is undefeated with an impressive 13-0 record.  He is presently training within Caesar Gracie’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu camp, which is very well recognized worldwide.

Here’s a snip from Melendez himself as he expresses his thoughts on his MMA career including the UFC:

“When you prove yourself as a fighter, you don’t have to
settle. I guess some people have to jump on opportunities. There are a lot of
organizations out there … taking care of their fighters. When people used to
ask me why I wasn’t in the UFC, it used to bother me. Now I’m like, I don’t
know, maybe someday.”

Melendez was able to defeat Tetsuji Kato last week at the Playboy
Mansion via a unanimous decision.  Melendez fought with practically one
hand after hurting his right fist in an injury that could have
prevented him from becoming the champ he is today.  The injured fist
wasn’t going to stop him from finishing the fight and when asked about
it, this is what he had to say:


“It was an injury I’ve had for a little bit, it just kind of
lingered and never really went away. Right when I dropped him the first time
was the first time I heard it…I was able to punch and throw it a little bit
more. But into the second round, midway through, I threw it at the top of the
guys head, I knew I couldn’t throw it anymore…I think I could’ve finished him
… I could’ve done a lot more. I tried. Hopefully, I’ll have a better
performance next time.”

After being ranked #3 in the world, acquiring the belt might have
put him a step closer to the #2 position.  It’s still very hard to say
what rank a fighter is in with the many inconsistencies this sport has
given us this year alone, but Melendez is eager to keep on fighting.
Although his test results on the injured hand turned out to be negative
as far as broken or fractured bones, further tests have to be done to
see if there are any ripped tendons.

This is what Melendez had to say about his injury:


“I got it x-rayed. The guy said I was lucky. No break. Just
a lot of swelling. I’m getting a sonogram … to make sure there are no torn
tendons…I believe there’s a Strikeforce in November…If I’m healthy and I’m
ready to go, I wouldn’t mind jumping on there. I’m in good shape. I want to
keep fighting.”

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