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Donald Cerrone Predicts A Win Over Nate Diaz At UFC 141: “At The End Of The Night, I’ll Have My Hand Raised”


UFC lightweight fighters Donald Cerrone and Nate Diaz are set to clash as part of the UFC 141 co-main event in Las Vegas.  In a recent interview, Cerrone seemed to be fired up about his next bout with Diaz.  If it were  up to him, he’d even fight in a parking lot right now because he’s tired of Diaz’s trash talk.

From “The Cowboy” Cerrone:

“I stay in shape, I stay ready and I stay in the gym. So, yeah, I’m 100-percent confident coming into this fight. I will be in shape. In confidence, man, you look good, you feel good, you fight good. He’s got good stand-up, if the fight goes to the ground, jiu-jitsu’s very good. All that aside, motherf*ckers are game. Right now if I bumped into the parking lot and said, ‘what’s up?’ We’re throwing down. And to me, I like that mentality, man. You can’t teach that. They come to fight. Me too. I’m just as game as you are. You don’t have to be from Stockton to be tough. I am the best striker in the 155-pound division, I know that. That’s 100-percent, I know that. So I’m going to kick him, I’m going to knee him, I’m going to elbow him, I’m going to punch him. If he wants to stand, let’s stand. Come fight night, let’s go, motherf*cker, I don’t care where it goes. But if you want to talk sh*t to me, you’re just going to raise me and piss me off and make me a better fire. So feed my f*cking flame. That’s how I say let’s go. Hell or high water, I’ll be there to fight Nate. At the end of the night, I’ll have my hand raised. I can tell you that.”

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