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Dana White: Mixed Martial Arts Is “Going to Be The Biggest Sport In The World”


UFC President Dana White was recently interviewed by the Las Vegas Review Journal regarding the UFC and the sport of mixed martial arts.  He explains how some sports have failed to spread on a worldwide level, but is confident that the UFC will continue to explode internationally in the years to come.

Here’s how Dana White breaks it down:

“When I say it’s going to be the biggest sport in the world, people either think I’m being a promoter … and trying to pump up my product or I’m a lunatic. When I break it down for you, it does make sense. The NFL has been spending billions of dollars trying to break into other countries, and it’s not happening. You know why? Because nobody (cares) about football in other countries. The people in London or Canada or Mexico are never going to care about the New York Giants. It’s like saying cricket is going to be big here someday. Soccer never really even made it big here, but it’s huge around the rest of the world. At the time that we bought (the UFC), it wasn’t allowed on pay per view. Porn is on pay per view, but UFC was not allowed on pay per view. I can take two guys and put them in an octagon, and they can use any martial art they want, it transcends all cultural barriers, all language barriers. We’re all human beings, and fighting is in our DNA. We get it and we like it. It doesn’t have to be explained to us.”

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