Randy Couture accurate on 3 of 4 predictions for UFC 76

It seems that Randy Couture is not only the champion of the world, but also a great predictor when it comes to picking winners.  Randy made 4 predictions for last night’s UFC 76 event, and 3 of those picks became victors.

In the first fight between Tyson Griffin against the undefeated Thiago Tavares, Couture was in Griffins corner the whole fight.  He helped him relax during the breaks and gave him strategy tips.  While he was in the corner you could hear Couture in the back saying “Give him more elbows…”

Secondly, was his pick of  Jon Fitch over Diego Sanchez.  It was an evenly matched fight, and both fighters had evenly matched betting odds, but Fitch was clearly the winner after 3 rounds.   Couture chose Jon Fitch, and he was correct once again.

One of the most upsetting fights and probably the most unexpected was the Light Heavyweight bout between  Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Forrest Griffin.  Forrest was Couture’s pick for a great reason, which was that Randy was training with him to become the winner.  Couture wouldn’t be training with Forrest if he didn’t think he was a great opponent for Shogun.

The only pick that Couture went wrong was with Chuck Liddell, and well lets face it,  a majority of viewers were expecting a different outcome!   Both Chuck Liddell and Keith Jardine were coming back from losses.  Jardine stunned the crowd with his awkward yet effect fighting style,  and kept Chuck from making any attacks by throwing right kicks any time he came too close.  In the end, Jardine was declared the winner via a split decision.

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