Diego Sanchez Loses UFC fight against Jon Fitch and Wants to Move Down to Lightweight

In a spectacular event held last night at UFC 76-Knockout, Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez fought his heart out to try to win against Jon Fitch.  Fitch defended almost every takedown attempt by Sanchez, which practically ruined the type of gameplan Sanchez was looking for during the fight.

Sanchez had several opportunities for a submission such as a deep guillotine choke and a triangle choke in the the 3rd round.  Sanchez is upset as he loses his second fight in a row.

This is what Diego Sanchez had to say:

“I feel that he beat me fair and square. I was close, but close isn’t close enough. All fighters go through losses, I’m just going to have to come back stronger. I’m contemplating in my mind if I’m going to drop to 155 or not, because I’m a smaller welterweight. I could do more powerlifting and put some more weight on or I could lose some weight.”

What is next for Sanchez?  Will he drop down and join the race in the Lightweight category?  We can only wait and see what his next approach will be…

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