Charges against Din Thomas are dropped

Din Thomas had all of his charges dropped!!!

Din Thomas was arrested on October 19 of this year by Florida police officers after having a
non-licensed mixed martial arts event held in Port St. Lucie.  According
to the police report, Thomas promoted a small event, where he charged fans a
$10 USD entrance fee and sold raffle tickets within the venue. 

The event consisted of 7 fights and all fights were regulated by one referee
using all MMA rules.  A warrant was issued by officer Brian Kenny to
arrest Thomas for the non-licensed event.   Prior to his arrest,
Thomas had pointed out that the event was made to help out his student fighters
gain experience and raise money.

Thomas was told that the case would be dropped due to the fact that Thomas’ goal of the event only involved his student fighters and the money charged at the entrance would strictly be used only for raffles.  Thomas was in danger of receiving 5 years in prison, but he can now forget about this whole mess and continue training for the UFC at the lightweight level. 

Here’s Din Thomas’ explanation:

“Three (police) cars rolled up, and two of them came up on bikes…They stuck around for the duration of the event…In my eyes, if they thought we were doing something wrong, they could have told us right there…At the event, there was actually another police officer from another
department trying to explain all the rules and that it was a legit event…We were willing to fight (the charges accused on Thomas) it to the end…I’m rehabbing and just returned to training this week…I’m hoping to return (to the octagon) sometime during the first quarter of ‘08."

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