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Din Thomas Plans On Standing And Picking Ricardo Mayorga Apart

The former UFC lightweight contender Din Thomas is  excited to have the opportunity to stand up against a former Boxing legend Ricardo ‘the Madman from Managua’ on May 15th.  Their bout was recently organized by Shine Fight Promotions as part of a pay-per-view event in North Carolina.

Thomas respects the always dangerous Mayorga, but he strongly feels that he’ll have the edge when it comes to mixed martial arts experience.  He plans to stand up with ‘the Matador’ if he has to, but the main difference in this fight as that he’ll be able to mix it up with not just punches but also with kicks and possibly takedowns.

From Din Thomas:

“I’ve already signed with (Shine Fights)…I’m already studying his (Ricardo Mayorga’s) films, studying what he does, and I’m already training for him. I’m just telling everybody it’s going to happen so hopefully he doesn’t back out and definitely steps up.  I wouldn’t stand and bang with Steve Urkel, that’s just not my style…I pick people apart. To say that I won’t stand with him is crazy because I will stand with him, but to stand and bang with him is even crazier than that, because I don’t stand and bang with anybody. I’m going to stand and pick him apart…If I’m going to go in there and stand with him, at least give me the option to kick.  I’m definitely going to be kicking and kneeing and elbowing him. I mean, welcome to MMA, I’m sorry. If he wanted to box we would have put on eight ounce gloves and boxed, but this is MMA so everybody wants me stand with him, at least give me the option to kick him and I’m going to…That’s what makes this fight so compelling because we’re both crazy…This fight, if it happens, it will be a little bit heavier, probably some where between 55 and 70. I fought as high as 70 before, so I don’t really care about that.  You’re going to see a lot of different things in that fight. I mean, that’s just a dream-come-true matchup for me.”

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