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CBS-EliteXC 3: Gina Carano Very Focused On Fight With Kelly Kobald (October 4)


Gina Carano looks to be very focused on her upcoming fight this Saturday, October 4th.  She is scheduled to take on Kelly Kobald at the CBS-EliteXC 3 fight card, which takes place at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida.

Although Carano is considered the #1 female MMA fighter in the world today, she doesn’t let all of that hype get to her.  Instead, she says that there is still a lot to learn when it comes to fighting. 

Here’s a snip from Carano herself:

“I feel like I have a long way to go…I just feel like there is so
much I want to learn.  Every single day at practice I learn something
different.  There’s so many things you can learn, so many things you
can learn about your body, and how it works and you know situations
you’re good in, situations you’re bad in…I think more than anything
making weight this time is going to be for myself…I really want to do
this because I want to feel good going into the fight.  I’ve got a
nutritionist this time and I’m listening to her, and I’ve kind of gone
about the whole weight-cutting thing completely wrong…Because that
last week you look at you’re weight and you start doing all these wrong
things thinking they’re going to help and it doesn’t help it just
exhausts you. By the time you’re trying to cut those last pounds of
water you’re just depleted…I’m actually really happy with the Kelly
fight, because I think that she’s a brawler, she’s going to come at me
like a Cyborg would…I’m going to be straight, I don’t mind having to
see Cyborg fight again and I look forward to fighting her, but it might
even be good for me to kind of scout her out for another fight…I’m
not looking past Kelly and I know this is going to be another tough
fight for me…Now hopefully, God willing, I do good in this fight and
I’m stoked on the whole Cyborg fight and it will be something that will
stick in my mind.”

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