BJ Penn Talks George St. Pierre, Takanori Gomi and His Future

Thoughts on George St. Pierre?

“Georges still has to get past Matt Serra though. I think if
Georges can get past Matt Serra and I know I’m going to get past Sean Sherk, we
could have some kind of really huge fight there. I’m talking about a fight of the
century type of fight, but Matt Serra’s no joke, you know?  He already
knocked Georges out once and he’s better on the ground. So if Georges takes him
down, I’d put Serra as the guy who has the better groundwork. So Georges is
going to have to come up with a good game plan. Georges has got a great camp to
do what he’s got to do. I expect a great fight, and don’t count out Matt Serra
against anyone”

Thoughts on Takanori Gomi?

With me and Takanori Gomi, the question is where do you sell
the fight? He’s a huge name in
Japan, I’m a big name in the U.S….It’s all about making big
fights. I’m sure me and Gomi are going to fight again, some way, somehow. I’m
sure it’s going to happen”

Future plans for BJ Penn?

“What does everybody want me to do? I hear people keep
talking about it and I always hear Dana (White) saying he wants me to stay in
the 155-pound division, but if the fans and the media and the people are so
intrigued with the fact that B.J. Penn will fight anybody at any weigh, but
right now, I’m just thinking about the lightweight division…I think there’s so
many good guys coming up…I’m not going to sit here, I’m not going to say any
names. I realize this division is so stacked. There’re so many good fighters
and hungry fighters out there. They’re coming and I better be ready…I want to
be the first person to hold two divisional titles at the same time in the
UFC…That would be awesome”

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