Anderson Silva Upset With Performance At UFC 90, Hopes To Fight As Fast As UFC 91

Anderson "The Spider Silva headlined the UFC 90 main event when he defended his UFC middleweight title against Canadian fighter Patrick "The Predator" Cote.  Within the first 40 seconds of the fight, Cote’s knee popped out of place.  Due to this, Silva acquired a win to his favor via TKO-knee injury.  Although Silva retained his belt, he was extemely mad with his performance and the fact that he wasn’t able to please the fans.

He spoke to Dana White regarding his situation and is very anxious to fight again.  Silva is willing to fight on the next UFC 91 fight card, which is scheduled to take place in just two weeks.

Here’s a snip from UFC President Dana White:

"He’s (Anderson Silva) flipping out.  He wants to fight again, like on November 15.  He’s upset about his performance and he wants to fight again immediately."

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