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Show me da money!!!

Some of you are probably wondering how much the fighters made in UFC 71. Here is the complete breakdown provided by :

Title Match & Main Event Fighters:

-Chuck Liddell: $500,000 (18th fight in UFC; lost to Rampage)
-Rampage: $225,000 (2nd fight in UFC; defeated Chuck Liddell)

***Chuck could have won an extra 500K, totalling 1Million dollars if he would have won.  Rampage still didn’t even get half of what Chuck made for losing.  Rampage has been wanting that chedda for a while now, so he’s getting a big paycheck IF he beats his next opponent.  But he’s fighting Dan Henderson, so ummmm ::eyes are rolling::   Let’s continue with the next few payouts…

Main Card Fighters:

-Karo Parisyan: $32,000 (9th fight in UFC; defeated Josh Burkman)
-Ivan Salaverry: $17,500 (6th fight in UFC; lost to Terry Martin)
-Terry Martin: $12,000 (4th fight in UFC; defeated Ivan Salaverry)
-Kalib Starnes: $10,000 (3rd fight in UFC; defeated Chris Leben)
-Chris Leben: $10,000 (9th fight in UFC; lost to Kalib Starnes)
-Houston Alexander: $8,000 (1st fight in UFC; defeated Keith Jardine)
-Josh Burkman: $7,000 (6th fight in UFC; lost to Karo Parisyan)
-Keith Jardine: $7,000 (6th fight in UFC; lost to Houston Alexander)

Preliminary Match Fighters:

-Din Thomas: $28,000 (7th fight in UFC; defeated Jeremy Stephens)
-Wilson Gouveia: $16,000 (4th fight in UFC; defeated Carmelo Marrero)
-Thiago Silva: $16,000 (1st fight in UFC; defeated James Irvin)
-Alan Belcher: $14,000 (4th fight in UFC; defeated Sean Salmon)
-James Irvin: $7,000 (5th fight in UFC; lost to Thiago Silva)
-Carmelo Marrero: $5,000 (3rd fight in UFC; lost to Wilson Gouveia)
-Sean Salmon: $3,000 (2nd fight in UFC; lost to Alan Belcher)
-Jeremy Stephens: $3,000 (1st fight in UFC; lost to Din Thomas)

Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $920,500

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