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UFC 72: Victory Results

I don’t know about you guys, but Saturday’s UFC 72 was not as exciting as I thought it would be…and I am talking about the main bouts: Rich Franklin vs. Yushin Okami and Forrest Griffin vs. Hector Ramirez.  However, I would like to thank Tyson Griffin and Clay Guida for giving us a hell of a show!  Both of these fighters battled it out 3 action-packed rounds.

Rich Franklin defeats Yushin Okami via unanimous decision:

franklindefokami franklindefokami3 franklindefokami4 franklindefokami5kimura franklindefokami6

Both fighters hardly did anything the first 2 rounds, but both rounds had to go to Rich since he was the only one throwing punches and kicks here and there as they ran around the octagon like a million times.  Okami, great at takedowns, surprised me as he didn’t even try to take down Rich until the third round where he finally realized that he was losing.  Okami put Rich in a very dangerous position when he almost popped his arm out as he put him into a Kimura.  Rich Franklin admitted he was quite close in being submitted, but he held his composure and was able to slip out of the kimura.  Honestly, I thought Franklin was done with that Kimura…props for Franklin for holding the pain in.  That was basically Okami’s only chance of winning the fight.  Okami definitely won that round, but was far from winning the fight.

Forrest Griffin defeats Hector Ramirez via unanimous decision:

forrestdeframirez forrestdeframirez2

The first round could have gone either way as both of them threw several punches and kicks to the body and face.  Ramirez seemed to have dominated the first round and it looked as if he would be the one to knock out Forrest.  As the second round went by, Ramirez seemed to have run out of gas and was defending himself rest of the rounds.  Forrest dominated both second and third rounds, which then led him to an easy victory.

Jason MacDonald defeats Rory Singer via technical knockout (strikes) in round two:

macdonalddefsinger2 macdonalddefsinger3 macdonalddefsinger4celebrates macdonaldsdefsinger

Rory Singer came out strong, but was not able to match up with Jason MacDonald’s experience.  Singer came out fighting with heart, giving it all he had simply because he wanted to prove that he was able to stand up to UFC fighters like MacDonald.  He almost had MacDonald in the first round where he put him in a triangle choke.  Like I said before, MacDonald is an experienced fighter and he was able to slip out of that choke with ease.  It wasn’t until the second round where MacDonald demonstrated what he was all about.  Another win to the record for Jason MacDonald…good fight!

Tyson Griffin defeats Clay Guida via split decision:

griffindefguida griffindefguida2 griffindefguida3

Hands down, the best fight @ UFC 72.  Both fighters gave it all they had throughout the entire fight.  All 3 rounds were great as they showed tremendous grappling skills.  Either fighter could have been submitted in many opportunities, but none of these fighters gave in.  It was a fight that could have gone either way, but in the end…Tyson Griffin was victorious.  I read through many forums and people talk about how Guida was robbed, but personally…I think Tyson was a better fighter.
Let’s give them both credit for giving us such a great fight.

Ed Herman defeats Scott Smith via submission (rear naked choke) in round two:

hermandefsmith hermandefsmith2 hermandefsmith3almostchoked hermandefsmithrearnakedchoke

Ed Herman clearly showed complete domination throughout the entire fight.  Credit to Steve Smith for fighting like a true warrior as he almost had a rear naked choke on Herman at one point.  Smith took several punches and just wouldn’t give up.  At the end of the day, Herman takes another win as he now has 2 wins in a row, that is 6 wins out of 8 bouts.  He’s moving on up!

Marcus Davis defeats Jason Tan via  knockout in round one:

davisdeftan davisdeftan2 davisdeftan3

Eddie Sanchez defeats Colin Robinson via technical knockout (strikes) in round two:

sanchezdefrobinson sanchezdefrobinson2

Dustin Hazelett defeats Stevie Lynch via submission (anaconda choke) in round one:

hazelettvslynch hazvslynchanaconda_choke

***It has been a hassle trying to get the UFC 72 videos because Zuffa wants to be an ass and delete the videos every time we post them.  I will definitely try to get them for you guys as soon as I can.  Enjoy the pics I was able to get from Zuffa Inc. and NBC sports***

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