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K-1 Dynamite USA: Royce defends his family’s name

The Gracie family has given us many years of Brazilian jiu jitsu excitement and these were years that will never be forgotten.  Kazushi Sakuraba also provided us with many thrills as he hyped up Japanese audiences as well as other MMA fans all over the world.

Last night was a night to seek revenge, but at the same time…it was a night to be remembered as two of the best fighters in the world fought with such great respect.  Two of the most brilliant fighters in MMA history met under a crowd of 54,000 people present in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.   The crowd was roaring when both veterans walked down the steps as they entered the ring.  Sakuraba entered the coliseum with a typical masked entry, which had the entire place ecstatic.

It was very exciting to see that the 37-year old Kazushi Sakuraba and the 40-year old Royce Gracie were able to have this last rematch in our American soil.  It wasn’t the typical brawl where both of these warriors gave it all they had, but just watching them fight all over again was something to be remembered.

Thanks a lot for making this sport what it is today.  If it weren’t for fighters likes these, MMA wouldn’t be here today.
Check out the fight…
Round 1 of 3:

Round 2 of 3:

Round 3 of 3:

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