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K-1 Dynamite USA: Incase you missed it… thank goodness for!!!

As always, here are some of the videos of the K-1 Dynamite USA event held in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.  And guys, feel free to post some of your comments as I want to know your thoughts about the show.  Here we go…

Min Soo Kim was absolutely no match for Brock Lesnar as he grounded and pounded his way to victory.  Lesnar demonstrated what he learned on the mat in the Minnesota MMA academy when he fought a former Judo silver medalist at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.  There was total domination on behalf of Brock Lesnar and most of it was due to the strength this former WWE wrestler holds.  The man has an amazing amount of power and to be able to knock down an experienced Judo specialist in that fashion, makes Lesnar look fantastic! 
Check it out:

Johnnie Morton, former NFL wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs…also participated on Saturday night’s event as he lost to Ivory Coast’s Taekwondo specialst, Bernard Ackah.  Morton tried using his strength as well as his tackling technique to bring down Ackah, but Ackah demonstrated his skills with ease to obtain another win in his record…now 2-0.  This fight just shows that in MMA… it isn’t all about the amount of muscle you have, but the skills you possess:    

This next video just says it all.  And to the most thrilling/action-packed fight of the night, the award goes to…

Mighty Mo just keeps on knocking people out left and right, with a record of 3-0 now after last night’s victory.  I mean ok, Warpath should retire already since he has only won 1 time in the last 9 fights.  However, much respect to Warpath as he is always willing to fight whoever and whenever. 
This was just no match for Mighty Mo:

Mighty Mo vs. Warpath

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