UFC 84: Tito Ortiz Says “Expect Fireworks On May 24…When I Beat Down Lyoto Machida”

Tito "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Ortiz is set to fight his last battle against Lyoto Machida in the octagon this Saturday night at UFC 84: Ill Will.  Tito has been fighting for the organization the past 11 years and this will definitely be the night to remember. 

Whether he wins or loses, Tito has brought us memories to keep forever.  We can proudly say that we are living in an era where mixed martial arts is beginning to grow more and more everyday.  We are also lucky enough to say that we have been seeing huge stars like Tito Ortiz help this sport develop, especially the astonishing growth of the UFC organization.

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy seems really prepared for his last in the UFC. Tito continues to state that he is confident enough to claim victory over Machida.  Not only is he physically prepared through his hardcore training, but his attitude toward this fight has never been more serious.  So is the pressure on Tito or Lyoto? 

Here’s what Tito had to say:

“I’m excited about this fight. I’m very focused. This fight
means the world to me. I’m not just fighting myself. I’m fighting for every one
of those fans, the Tito Ortiz fans that support me…It doesn’t matter who I
fight to me. Whoever you want me to fight, I’ll fight. That’s really what it
came down to. No diss toward Lyoto… I have no pressure…This is like the same
thing as when I… 

fought Vitor Belfort. I have no pressure on me. I have nothing
to lose….I really think I’m going to succeed after this fight, no matter what.
In my mind, I know I’m going to win. There’s no doubt in my mind, without a doubt.
I know for a fact that I’m going to beat Lyoto Machida. He doesn’t know it yet,
but when the bell rings and the referee says, let’s get it on, I’ll be dumping
him on his head, and he’ll feel the real wrath of Tito Ortiz.”

Regarding his training:

“I started camp four months prior to the fight. That’s the
first time I’ve started this early…I was really focused on getting my core
strength very, very strong. My back is really strong. My stomach is really
strong. You’ll see at the weigh-ins how shredded I am. I’m in great shape…I’ve actually
picked it up. I’m running four miles a day. I’ve never done that in my career,
ever. I really think I’ve let a lot of my fans down by getting tired after the
second round. I’ve never a person like that to get tired. I’ve always pushed
full-force for five, five minute rounds. We’re training six, six minute rounds
with 30 seconds rests. I’m up here at altitude doing it, so I’m going to be
ready for three, five minute rounds without a doubt…It just feels great to be
able to train for once and be able to wrestle the way I used to wrestle, spar
the way I used to spar, and not have to go through three days of training and
have to take four days off…That was really, really bad. It was hindering my
fighting style, I believe. I’m very focused, no injuries, and I’m able to focus
my time on training.”

Tito’s last words for Lyoto Machida:

“He’s never faced anyone like me, ever. All the fights he’s
had have been against guys that stand back and let him do all the striking.
Three words for
Machida :
feel the pressure. He’s going to feel the pressure…Everybody knows how I fight.
Lyoto knows how I fight, and let’s see if he can handle the pressure. Let’s see
if he can handle 16,000 fans screaming. I know there’s going to be about
16,000, probably 15,999 that will be screaming about Tito and there will be that
one person that’s hating on me. Let’s see if he can handle the pressure…It’s my
octagon. I’ve been doing it for eleven years. I’m very focused. I’m hungry. I
have everything on the line right now, and nothing to lose. I have a lot of
people to prove wrong. It’s me versus the company…Expect fireworks on May 24,
live on pay-per-view, when I beat down Lyoto Machida.”

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