Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Talks TUF 8, Randy Couture And His New Gym In Miami

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was selected as the next coach for The Ultimate Fighter 8 season.  He’ll be training some of the fighters a few of his moves for the next 10 weeks. 

The current UFC heavyweight champion is not only excited to start coaching the new students, but he’ll be a step closer to defending his title for the very first time against Frank Mir.  Nogueira respects Mir because of his brilliant Jiu-Jitsu techniques and can’t wait to battle it out with the former champ at the end of the season.

Nogueira also talks about the new gym he recently opened up in Miami, Florida.  He’ll be having his brother tag along in addition to other great sparring partners of his such as Anderson Silva and many more.  He welcome everyone from around the Miami area to come join the new gym he opened up.

He also talks about Randy Couture and the fact that he left the UFC and his heavyweight title behind in order to fight Fedor Emelianenko.  Here’s a snip from Nogueira:

Nogueira discusses his thoughts on The Ultimate Fighter 8 show:

"I will be leaving for Vegas to discuss all the details with the producers and the UFC but I look forward to coaching some good guys on the show… I’ve had a chance to catch some episodes. I know it should be fun. We will have 10 weeks with the fighters to teach them everything that we can. We will teach them some good stuff.  I will be bringing in…

my submission guy and I think I will have a boxing coach in from California. Anderson Silva will be one of my guests and I think my brother will go to. I believe I will have a wrestling coach in from Calfornia too."

Nogueira’s feelings about Randy Couture leaving the UFC and not fighting him:

"I have the belt now and am ready to face him. From my background anyone can tell that I am good enough to fight Couture and I hope that he comes back some day because I am ready to face him. I think we would make a very exciting fight… Too see my fights and too see how many wins I have and how many hard fights I’ve fought I think I am in a good position to be the UFC Heavyweight Champion. He has his reasons and he has to look for where he can make the most money. I’m here. If the best guys in the world want the UFC belt they are going to have to face me. I don’t care what people say, when they want to fight I’ll be here."

In regards to his new gym in Miami:

“We have a new gym opening in Miami. I use to have a gym in Fort Lauderdale but decided that Miami would be easier. It will be me and my brother and Anderson Silva, who decided to move here because it will be easier for training. Being here in America we won’t have to travel all the way from the Brazil. We have a good team here teaching and for training together."

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