UFC 83 Commentating: Kenny Florian Replaces Joe Rogan

UFC 83 is scheduled to take place in Montreal, Canada on April 19th.  The fight card will feature several must-see bouts including the main event between
Matt Serra vs. George St. Pierre (Part 2) for the welterweight title. 

The UFC usually has Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan as the official UFC announcers during all of the UFC tournaments including pay-per-view and special fight card presentations televised on Spike TV.  However, Joe Rogan will not be attending the UFC 83 event that will be held in Canada for the very first time in UFC history. 

Rogan has been replaced by the recent UFC Fight Night 13 main event winner Kenny "Ken-Flo" Florian.   Florian recently defeated Joe Lauzon in a very difficult match-up this past Wednesday by way of TKO in the second round. 

Dana White and the UFC team have decided to give Florian the mic as he’ll be doing all of the UFC 83 commentating along with sidekick Mike Goldberg.

Here’s a snip from Ken Flo:

“I’ll be commentating actually, start to finish, my first,
my debut as the co-commentator… I’ll be there with Goldie. Goldie will be
leading the way; he’ll be the quarterback. I’ll be the kind of back up… I’m looking
forward to it. It’s not only going to be a tremendous night of fights, but it
will be a great experience for me to get in there and commentate and watch
these amazing fights real up close and do what I normally do on the couch, and
yell and scream, except do it on TV.”

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