UFC 82: Chris Leben Brings The Show… “No Matter What”

Josh Koscheck will be taking on
Dustin Hazelett this weekend as part of the undercard fight at UFC 82: Pride of a Champion. 

Koscheck was asked
last week if he was upset with the fact that he was placed within the undercard as opposed to the televised PPV main fight card. 

Here’s what Kos had to say about that:

"Not really, it’s whatever the UFC wants they’re gonna do. I
could be pissed off, I could be upset about it but I’m still getting paid the
same so it doesn’t really matter to me. A fight’s a fight whether it’s on TV or
not. The really cool thing about it is I’m going to be fighting in front of
19,000 people and it’s a big stage and it is what it is. If I let that bother
me then that could take away from the actual fight, so I’m just focused on
winning the fight and that’s it."

A few days later, Chris "The Crippler" Leben explained how his fights were usually a lot more action-packed than those of Diego Sanchez and Josh Koscheck…and that’s the reason why he’s on the main fight card while they aren’t.  Leben promised UFC fans to put up a show this upcoming Saturday when he faces Alessio Sakara. 

Here’s a snip from The Crippler:

“Umm, pretty safe to say. I mean, if you’ve ever watched any of my fights and compare those to his
(Alessio Sakara’s) fights you can see when the goings get tough, no matter
what, win, lose or draw I always bring the fight…I think it’s that probably that
those guys (referring to Diego Sanchez and Josh Koscheck) are both great
fighters but…pretty much every one of my fights is exciting so its not a crap
shoot when you are putting me against Sakara whether or not that fight’s gonna
be exciting"

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