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EliteXC: Jake Shields Earns Black Belt Under Cesar Gracie

The current welterweight fighter at EliteXC, former Shooto World champion and Rumble on the Rock champion Jake Shields has finally earned his Black Belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Cesar Gracie after.

Here’s a snip from Jake Shields:

“I started submission grappling with Chuck Liddell and Scott Adams in
1999 and spent about 2 year with them. Then 6.5yrs of BJJ under Cesar
Gracie.  Prior to that I’d been wrestling for about 10yrs, so I’ve been involved in grappling for close to 20yrs…I love training.  I love the discipline and the focus.  It’s helped me get my life together. 

In my career, BJJ is my base of fighting. I’m cross trained in Muay
Thai, boxing, wrestling, etc. But BJJ is the base of my fighting style.
So it’s helped my life in countless ways.”

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